Christmas party

Our Christmas Party will be at Crabby’s in Rogers at 6pm. Their address is 1800 S. 52nd Street, Rogers, 72758. Please RSVP to Sharon by the 6th of December.

We are also planning a small gift exchange for the night of the party. Because…who doesn’t like presents???? Here’s the rules: spending cap is $10 and gifts must be “car related.” (Now, I know y’all can be creative here. Yes, car cleaning products count. So do Matchbox cars. If you can find a pair of Porsche socks, that counts. Have fun with it!!) Please bring one gift per person attending, that way everyone gets a present. On the tag for the gift, sign your name so they know who to thank (or blame as the case may be…. Lol) And remember, this is a Fun thing, so don’t stress about it.