March 2017 Zonotes

from Jon Jones, Zone 5 Representative…

As always, 10% doesn’t get the word and last month I missed Hill Country Region’s 40 year Anniversary in my list.  Apologies to HCR – you folks are so busy this year, it is one of many events you have on your plate and I missed it.  We have lots of pictures coming of the anniversary presentations by PCA President, Caren Cooper, at the recent Zone 5 President’s Meeting.  Each Region received a letter from Caren, a PCA certificate of recognition, and a fascinating history book.  This book is prepared by the hard-working people at PCA National HQ, and includes archives from the founding of each Region.  I hope you get a chance to look at these books at an upcoming event in your region because they are a look back in time of PCA history.

Speaking of the Zone 5 President’s meeting, we had a productive get-together in Grapevine, TX, on February 18th.  Nine of the twelve regions were represented, and we had presentations from Caren Cooper, Ken Laborde, the National Insurance and Risk Management Chair, Maggie Garnett, the National Social Media Chair, and Steve Krysil, the Regional Manager for Porsche Cars North America.  Each presentation was informative and well done.  We especially enjoyed Ken Laborde’s.  As PCA’s Counsel, he is well versed in all of the legal challenges facing PCA.  And in today’s litigious society there are many.  Each member, not just Region Officers and Chairs, has a responsibility to make sure that our events and activities are conducted in accordance with PCA guidelines.  As Ken noted in his presentation, if we lose our insurance coverage for events, we will have a hard time being a functioning car club.  And “events” include drives/tours and some tech sessions – not just Autocross, DE, and Club Race.  PCA has an outstanding insurance program for all of our “moving car” events, but it only remains viable if we comply with the insurance underwriter’s requirements.

Maggie Garnett addressed the group about social media, and it was an eye-opener.  Social media has outcomes both good and bad – good that it keeps people informed; bad that things last forever and reach everyone.  As PCA members, we need to be cognizant of our public posture.  In some circles there is a reputation that Porsche owners can be arrogant “jerks”.  And Social Media is no exception.  Recently, a region had a Facebook posting on a fatal traffic accident.  The incident was related to our favorite marque where two young women died.  The posting was a snarky comment on the parenting skills provided to the dead children.  Totally inappropriate, and it was promptly removed by the region leadership.  We all must be aware of how we come across on social media and present Porsche and PCA in the best possible light.  

Finally for March, Treffen Hill Country is coming up fast on March 29-April 2.  There has been some additional information provided about meals included with your registration fee, and a visit to the Circuit Of The Americas for some parade laps and a behind-the-scenes tour. Hopefully you have registered for this exciting event – check out the Treffen Hill Country website at

Each region has dinners, drives and other fun times for all of you, the members of PCA.  Get out there and enjoy your friends and your Porsche!