April 2017 Zonotes

from Jon Jones, Zone 5 Representative…

Catch your breath!  Things are moving fast in Zone 5.  We have hosted Club Races, Driver’s Education events, drives, concours, dinners, and more.  There is something for everyone in PCA, and I hope you get the chance to enjoy an event soon.

First off, Maverick Region has spearheaded the Texas PCA specialty plates, and what a great job Bill Orr has done.  You should have received by now a survey he sent out looking for input on the final design.  While not all Zone 5 members are in Texas, there are plenty of us with a Texas connection, and an interest in these plates.  So, while living in Oklahoma, I may not have a vested interest in the final design, I know folks in Texas who do, and we should take a moment to complete the survey for Bill.

Carey Spreen, the Maverick Region Slipstream editor, wrote up an inside look at our Zone 5 Presidents Meeting back in February.  I sent it to all the Zone 5 Presidents and hopefully you will have a chance to read Carey’s take in a future newsletter or on your websites.  It is a great look at how your club works.  Thanks Carey!

A word about social media – Cimarron Region hosted a DE on March 18th that was an excellent event.  Unfortunately, one of the participant’s cars had a grass fire issue that resulted in some minor damage to the car.  While we want to encourage everyone to speak their mind on social media, we need to give a care to those unfamiliar with track day events and think before we post.  It may make for a spectacular picture, but why highlight the negative?  Like many of our DE and other events, we had a great time, met some fine friends and enjoyed some great company.  Let’s focus on that.

As Zone 5 Representative, I have a responsibility to visit each Region over the course of the year.  Part and parcel of the Zone Rep position, I look forward to visiting each of your Regions this year.  I had planned on visiting White River Region in March, but on the day of leaving, the weather radar showed ice in the highlands of Arkansas.  Sorry, but we are a fun-based organization and ice is not my idea of fun, Porsche or no Porsche.  So, I will continue to look for opportunities to meet all of you, but please, no ice.

Upcoming events in Zone 5 – by the time you read this Treffen Hill Country will be complete.  Though faced with some challenges, I expect this event will have been a success.  All of the hard work in planning and running this event by all of the great volunteers should ensure success – if only through the power of enthusiasm.  I will have attended, and volunteered wherever necessary to help make it so.  I hope you had the chance to attend as Treffen events are part of the future of PCA.

Lonestar Region is hosting an Autocross at Texas World Speedway on April 1.  While an Autocross at a race track may seem a bit incongruous, it works and it’s a lot of fun.  Cones are used to limit the overall speed, as required by Autocross rules, but it’s a great amount of time on course for the dollar.  Check it out!

One of the fun things about being Zone Rep is receiving all of the information on the events each of your Regions are busy planning and conducting.  Post-Treffen, Maverick Region is hosting a DE at MSR on April 29-30.  DE is one of the core programs of PCA, and I hope you will check it out.  In between there are numerous events, dinners, meetings and drives in your home Region.  For example, Ozark Region celebrates its 40th anniversary with a dinner at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Little Rock from 2-5 pm on April 22.  War Bonnet Region celebrates their 50th  Anniversary on April 29th.  Watch the War Bonnet Region website at pca-warbonnet.org for details.

Each region has dinners, drives and other fun times for all of you, the members of PCA.  Get out there and enjoy your friends and your Porsche!