Leonard Zechiedrich – President                                                                                                                                          uber930@gmail.com

My Dad bought a 1970 Triumph Spitfire for me when I was in the seventh grade. The day he brought it home, I recall asking him “why isn’t it a Porsche 911?” Three years later I had my first Porsche, a 1967 911. And thus it began. I have continued to own several 911’s in various states of completion.White River Region arose out of the beginnings of the Porsche Palooza.  I organized the first Palooza in 2005 madly seeking sponsors and locations.  Not knowing what to expect , the first Palooza was an overall success with 57 cars in attendance. Since then, Palooza has grown exponentially and in 2012 PCA made it an Escape destination.There was a requirement that Escape needed a sponsoring region.  At the time, there was Cimarron to the west, Ozark to the east and Ozark Lakes to north but nothing in the immediate area.  So boundaries were drawn  and White River was created out of the NW Arkansas area with the understanding I would see it through.  We as a region have continued to grow not just in members but in accomplishments and will continue to do so.    Details on my projects can be found at www.the911den.com

Mike Hays – Vice-President 


In 2008, I started looking for a “fun” car for my daily driver. The first car I ever owned was a 1959 Austin Healey “frog-eye” Sprite and had a mid-70’s Triumph TR7 for a while in my youth so I already had some idea what a “fun” car was all about. I always lusted after the various Porsche models and was amazed at the engineering marvel of the 959. While I still enjoy the quirkiness of the old British iron I wanted something with more “modern” conveniences like A/C and electric accessories that actually worked all the time. I’ve always been one for cars that you don’t see every day so I started browsing car forums looking for something to fit the bill. I had seen the 928 in Risky Business and Scarface but didn’t know much about them. 
The more I read about the design and history of the 928 the more hooked I became on the idea of a V8 GT car as a daily driver/road trip car. I bought my 1990 928 S4 in 2009 from a gent in Florida who drove it from Tampa to Cincinnati where I took possession. After a quick 1.5-day road trip to get the car home (and get to know the car) I was completely in love with not only the 928 but that special “something” that defines a Porsche. 
After joining PCA, I spent that spring and summer catching up on deferred maintenance and heard about a Porsche event in Eureka Springs called “Porsche Palooza.” I decided that would be my first “event” to test the waters and see what PCA was all about. I had so much fun and everyone was so in tune with that “something” that makes Porsche special that I was instantly hooked by the PCA motto “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people” because at Palooza that was clear (didn’t hurt that Sharon won a $100 gift certificate as a door prize and I won a nice black Porsche key chain.) Nobody cared what kind of Porsche you were driving, just that you were passionate about the brand and the cars. 
That first Palooza led to the next until in 2012 at PCA Escape in Eureka Springs it was announced that a new PCA region had been chartered in NW Arkansas. The following January Sharon and I went to a breakfast where Leonard asked for volunteers to help with club activities. Sharon and I have been helping out with what ever is needed ever since. We have made some great friends through PCA and are still loving every minute of it.

Melody Zechiedrich - Treasurer

The ever involved wife of our president Leonard.  My biggest project for White River is the Palooza.  It’s a lot of work but it is definitely worth it in the end.

Sharon Hays - Secretary

 I have the great job of keeping everyone informed of what’s happening.  My husband Mike is the VP and together we keep White River rolling. The Bayyari Christmas giving is my proudest achievement.

Ted Jones - Membership

I’ve been a Porsche nut since about the 6th grade. Around that time, my dad let me purchase a subscription to Road & Track magazine with some lawn mowing money. Amidst articles & pictures of Ferraris and Lamborghinis, I quickly became obsessed with the “whale-tail” 911 turbo of the 1980’s, studying every technical detail of the car and realizing what a incredible masterpiece Porsche had engineered.  Fast forward a few decades, and I’ve been blessed to experience several versions of this “automotive art”.  I’ve enjoyed being a member of the PCA for about 10 years, and look forward to serving on the WRR board and meeting even more members of the club!

Dave Decker – Newsletter Editor/Webmaster                                                                                                                wrrnews@gmail.com

I’ve been a Porsche owner since 2012 and a Porsche drooler since the late ’60’s. I also have owned my share of British iron, Z-cars and even an Opel GT over the years but always wanted one of the good Doctor’s finest. I found a Boxster in a car lot. I wasn’t very familiar with the model but it was an instant crave. I joined PCA right after buying the black 1998 Boxster and was originally placed  in the Ozark Lake Region in Springfield, MO. I switched to White River after realizing that region was 100 miles closer to home. Great bunch of Porsche people in both regions and that is what it’s all about. You got a question or a problem, chances are someone in the region has had the same experience. After six years, I’m now the proud owner of a black 1999 911.  Whole new ball game!  I do the newsletter and the website to help keep coherency in the region and inform members. It’s a challenge but I thoroughly enjoy doing it.